Delft student societies want you

Delta nr 18, June 2004

Want to spice up your social life? Give the local student societies a chance. They’ve organized some international events just for you.

While it’s still virtually impossible for a foreign student to become a member of a Dutch student society, most societies do offer foreigners a chance to experience student society life. And a few student societies organize special events for international students. One of the largest and most traditional student societies, DSC, organizes international parties once a month. Their next international party is on June 8. ‘‘We know that among foreign students there’s the need to socialize and as we have the facilities, we decided to organize these events,’’ says DSC member Inge Corten. DSC is currently joining forces with a Chinese student society to organize parties together in future.

Ifes, an umbrella organization for Christian student societies, also organizes international events. Once a month they have an intercultural evening at ‘Confide’, the home of student society CSR, where various activities are on the agenda, ranging from eating typically Dutch food like licorice and cheese to visiting a farm. Ifes also organizes two bible study groups in English: one for those who are Christians, and one for those who are interested in learning more about Christianity.

Student society Sint Jansbrug doesn’t yet organize international events, but the society’s president, Brian Koudijs, says they do have plans for international theme evenings: ‘‘We simply haven’t had time to execute those plans, but foreign students are always welcome to enjoy a meal at Jansbrug, or they can visit our coffee and tea attic, Oele.’’ The same goes for Delft’s largest society, Virgiel. They too are planning to organize special events and offer international students the chance to join their ‘onderverenigingen’ (sub-societies).

Most other societies also stress that international students are welcome to visit. The best way to get in is with a member, but usually entry is possible unaccompanied by a society member. So, why not have a meal at Tyche, the DSB Student society restaurant, or have a drink at De Bolk or visit Wolbodo. The doors are open to foreign students.


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